Acquisition brings increased presence for BHW in the Pacific Northwest Region. Demonstrates BHW’s continued commitment towards providing hope through opening more locations for families with Autism.

When Christopher Roberts, the sole owner of CARE, LLC recognized that he needed to hand over the torch, he shared that “there was not a close second choice in mind.” He realized the need for management experts that are fluent in the ABA industry with qualified resources and a proven track record. Without hesitation, Roberts stated: “I hand-selected BHW because I personally met with BHW’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Rob Douk, over 7 years ago and I believe in his vision for high quality services.” Roberts further noted that Dr. Douk and his team will take what he’s started at CARE to even greater heights. He researched BHW’s treatment success outcomes along with it’s industry-leading technology platform. And after nearly a decade of following BHW’s work throughout the United States and Canada, Roberts stated that “I’m proud to report that this acquisition of CARE’s assets will now help BHW expand it’s presence throughout nineteen locations globally.”

It is because of our devoted partners (payers, patients, and providers) who continue their dedication to BHW that has positioned us with the opportunities we have today to reach more families. BHW started with a simple vision to provide hope to families throughout all corners of the world by delivering quality services. Because of our partners, this is becoming a reality. We understand that we cannot do this alone so we are sincerely grateful for our partners who have come alongside us on this journey. BHW intends to further our mission to reach more families and will explore additional partnership opportunities this year and onwards.

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About Douk & Company

Douk & Company is a growth investment firm that hones in on the core values of a company when developing a comprehensive and sustainable executive partnership suite. Their portfolio of advisors offers sector expertise and experience that couples recognizable profits with societal benefits. Douk & Co. is also an active technology-focused investor that leverages solutions to make smart strategic changes quickly, efficiently and with minimal bureaucracy. (

About BHW

Behavioral Health Works, Inc. (BHW), a California-based company with branches nation-wide, helps individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities reach their potential by working collaboratively with families, schools, and relevant professionals. By focusing on ways in which people respond to their environment (behavior), we provide opportunities for them to learn in specific and observable ways, leading to a positive outcome (health).

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